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My house call practice is well-suited for such services as physical examinations, routine cat and dog vaccinations and worming, skin conditions, minor illnesses, medical consultations, pharmacy services, and behavior consultations, especially for cats. I can do blood draws for monitoring of health conditions, blood pressure monitoring, and routine laboratory tests such as urinalysis, fecal analysis, and heartworm tests. I deal with a nationally known veterinary laboratory. I provide in-home euthanasia services for my clients. I also do some elective surgeries such as cat spaying and neutering, dentals, and lumpectomies. These are performed at a hospital in Owings Mills, Maryland.

My office is open for telephone calls and consultations from 9 AM to 10 AM, Monday through Friday. Messages not requiring discussion may be left at any time. Appointment times are available from 1 PM until 8 PM Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and from 1 PM until 4 PM Wednesdays. Appointments are usually booked at least a week in advance. Please call 410-337-2084.

Because this is a house call practice, I do not provide hospitalization, boarding, or grooming services. I do NOT provide emergency services. For emergencies, call the PET-ER at 410-252-8387. They are open at ALL times.


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